Troy C. Smith

Over the past 3 decades Troy C Smith has been a leading expert in developing entrepreneurial skills with hands on experience in the world of sales and management. Over the last 21years he has established himself as a tremendous Sales Representative, Coach, Supervisor, Trainer, and Manager in the Sales arena with GEICO. Troy accomplished feats such as #1 Sales Rep in the region, #1 Sales Supervisor Company-wide, and #1 Sales Manager Company-wide. GEICO is currently one of the top 5 insurers across the US.

In August 2016, Troy furthered developed himself as a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team. In July 2018, Troy joined United Way of Central Florida as a Board Member. His greatest passion is to pour into community. Troy has a special place in his heart for this organization as he calls himself 'a product' of The United Way. His compelling, personal story of 'hope' has become a 'life-changer' for many people, both personally and professionally. Troy has developed his keynote speaking abilities and is sought after by the community, individuals and companies throughout Central Florida. Troy lives for the platform and has a unique ability to speak to an entire audience and have each attendee feel like he is speaking to them, as if they are the only one in the room. He is always prepared and ready for his next event.

Being a huge sports enthusiast, he understands the will to compete and the discipline needed to be successful. As a men’s physique competitor and bodybuilder, Troy knows discipline firsthand. With a positive, competitive spirit, he has challenged himself several times while competing on stage with fellow bodybuilders. Troy is known for breaking through glass ceilings. 

As a Health and Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, Troy is Co-Founder and owner of FiTFusion, (along with his wife Jamie). Troy is passionate in helping assist people in their personal wellness journey along with their spiritual growth. Twice a year, Troy is lead-speaker for 'Group Sessions' at Victory Church in Lakeland, Florida and assists the community and church members with their spiritual growth; as well as his own.

Troy’s life verse comes from the book of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me”.

Troy coins himself, “A Student of Life” and uses his gift of communication and talents daily to be a positive game changer and pour into people’s lives.


“When special people touch our lives then suddenly we see how beautiful and wonderful our world can really be. They show us that our special hopes and dreams can take us far by helping us look inward and believe in who we are. They bless us with their love and joy through everything they give. When special people touch our lives they teach us how to live.”
― John C. Maxwell

My Vision, My Mission
Troy C Smith's vision is to help individuals and businesses through dynamic keynote presentations that inform, inspire and transform.

Mission Statement:
Troy Smith is dedicated to meeting the needs of his clients and his audience. His mission statement includes five pillars:

  •  strive to treat each client uniquely and develop a program that best meets their needs.

  •  provide high quality professional speaking services at a reasonable fee.

  • continually enhance and update his expertise and programs to reflect the most recent trends.

  •  committed to helping people learn about important topics in a way that provides lasting - take home value.

  • committed to providing information in a compelling way, with just the right touch of humor.

Certified Keynote Speaker, Teacher  & Coach

C Smith

Troy C Smith's relatable, dynamic and inspirational stories engage audiences with laughter one minute and heart wrenching emotion the next with his contagious energy and captivating stage presence.


Troy C Smith's Keynote Speaking, Teaching & Coaching Events

(863) 370.1639

It’s true that charisma can make a person stand out for a moment, but character sets a person apart for a lifetime. – John Maxwell

  • UCF - University of Central Florida (Dare to Dream Event) 
  • UF - University of Florida (Christian Business Leaders)
  • UT - University of Tampa (2x) (Sales Panel / Workshop)  
  • Lakeland High School (2x) (LHS Cheerleaders - State Champions after 2nd Pep Talk)
  • Lakeland Business Leaders (Monthly Luncheon)
  • Special Olympics @ Southeastern University (Opening Ceremonies MC)
  • Youth Leadership Polk Vision @ Polk State College
  • MVP (Men of Victory & Purpose) Burkett Chapel P.B. ChurchConference @ Polk State College
  • United Way of Central Florida Annual Banquet 
  • GEICO - Black History Month speaker, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaker, Multiple Leadership Workshops
  • Victory Church - Men's Group 
  • Polk Board of County Commissioners 
  • Polk County School Board Executive Leadership Group